Yes, for defined secondments (business trips) a certificate of coverage is necessary. We are happy to help you with the application.

Covid-19: General notes

The knowledge gained in handling the Covid-19 virus will have an influence on future consular entry formalities. Every region, every state, every economic area (EU) will monitor the development of the global pandemic and react flexibly with measures for dealing with business travelers and tourists. This flexibility will lead to a highly dynamic change in regulations and entry formalities. A generally valid information about entry, exit and return regulations is hardly possible.

A good overview can be obtained from the Foreign Office and the respective local representations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Fact Check

The German Visa and Consular Society analyses the requirements and possibilities of entry to all destinations worldwide on the basis of official sources, research and discussions with authorities.



The A1 certificate is required if you, as an employee or self-employed person, travel to an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland for professional reasons. The A1 certification confirms that you pay the social security contributions (health insurance contributions included) in the country of primary residence. The A1 certificate is valid per entry.

Please check separately if an EU notification under the EU Posting of Workers Directive is necessary.

Visa Conditions

  • Visa regulations may vary depending on the nationality of the traveler.
  • If you are not of German nationality, please contact the Visa Advisor.


Medical hint

Prevention is better than cure. This also applies to traveling in the world. Preventive measures depend on the destination, the season in the destination, the duration of the trip and the style of the trip, as well as individual needs and special activities during the trip.

The German Visa and Consular Cooperation can not carry out individual travel medical consultations. Please contact for:

Travel-medical experienced practicing physicians. Your family doctor can usually help with the mediation.

Prevention measures for short trips
The danger of short trips is often the lack of preparedness and preparation. While vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis may seem annoying, even a short trip to a high-risk area can be life-threatening. Do not renounce prevention measures.

Hygiene rules when traveling
Travel hygiene includes various topics:

  • Food and especially drinking water hygiene
  • accommodation hygiene
  • sexualhygiene
  • the personal hygiene
  • the psyche.

Follow the proven motto: "peel it, cook it, boil it or leave it". Consume clean food and clean drinks.

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