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Covid-19: General notes

Please contact your local visa advisor for more information in English or switch to German.


For tourism purposes, visiting family or friends only. No business activity or work is permitted.

Please note

Communication from the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the submission of visa documents:

  • I) perönliches appearance in Berlin: a result of new organizational and administrative measures visa documents are only taken personally by the traveler against in Berlin. (Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Hubertusallee 43, 14193 Berlin)


  • Ii) by post: Visa documents can be sent by post to the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Stuttgart. You can obtain further information (Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Kriegsbergstrasse 32, 70174 Stuttgart)

The DVKG possible solutions:

  • I) Berlin: by submitting a notarized power of attorney, we can take over the collection of visa document in Berlin for the traveler.
  • Ii) Stuttgart: dispatch by post your scanned documents we take over for you.

Since 1.4.2013 to German and other citizens must, regardless of length of stay, register within 3 days after arrival at the State Migration Service. Responsibility for registration lies with the inviter or the person who provides the accommodation available. In case of hotel accommodation this obligation is fulfilled automatically by the hotel.

Visa Application

Requirements for the visa application:

  • Completely filled in legible block letters
  • Signed by travelers


Requirements for the passport of the traveler:

  • Presentation of originals passport
  • Validity after the visa expires three months
  • A free passport page of the passport


Filing of the passport photo:

  • Upload your photo in your customer account high
  • An appropriate number of passport photos we print it out
  • Note for the independent creation of a right of consular passport photo page


  • Send us along with your documents a color passport photo too.
  • Passport photo requirements here

Copy of Passport Identification Page

Presentation of a legible copy of the passport page with the personal data.

Travel confirmation / Booking Confirmation

Requirements for a confirmation:

  • Presentation of a hotel booking confirmation for the entire stay
  • Presentation of a legible copy of the return air tickets

Visa Conditions

  • Visa regulations may vary depending on the nationality of the traveler.
  • If you are not of German nationality, please contact the Visa Advisor.

Medical hint

Prevention is better than cure. This also applies to traveling in the world. Preventive measures depend on the destination, the season in the destination, the duration of the trip and the style of the trip, as well as individual needs and special activities during the trip.

The German Visa and Consular Society can not carry out individual travel medical consultations. Please contact for:

Tropical Institute

Travel-medical experienced practicing physicians. Your family doctor can usually help with the mediation.

Prevention measures for short trips
The danger of short trips is often the lack of preparedness and preparation. While vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis may seem annoying, even a short trip to a high-risk area can be life-threatening. Do not renounce prevention measures.

Hygiene rules when traveling
Travel hygiene includes various topics:

  • Food and especially drinking water hygiene
  • accommodation hygiene
  • sexualhygiene
  • the personal hygiene
  • the psyche.

Follow the proven motto: "peel it, cook it, boil it or leave it". Consume clean food and clean drinks. Many inconveniences can be spared for the most common travel illnesses:

  • Nausea and diarrhea,
  • fever
  • Skin problems.

Information about Consular Fees

Number of Entries Visa Validity Max Duration of Stay Embassy Processing Time Price*
Single Entry 1 Month n/a 3-5 Consular Working Days 35.00 €
Single Entry 1 Month n/a 14 Consular Working Days 35.00 €

* The table shows the prices for German citizens are depicted. For fees for non-German citizens, we ask you to contact us. The shown prices are net fees, a VAT is not charged at Consular fees. Service charges also of possible visa application collection points are exclusive.

Order Confirmation

Thank you for your trust in our company. We will work diligently to ensure that we maintain that trust.

We like to inform you that the payment process will be made after completion of the visa application process. Subsequently agreed additional services are due to a second account at the end of the application process.

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