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Have you already applied for a Chinese visa through the Deutsche Visa und Konsular Gesellschaft? Reuse your application informations for your new China visa, or your India  or Russia visa and many other destinations. Check which documents you need for a visa to China, for a visa to India or for a visa to Russia

(basis of information: nationality German, state of Berlin, business visa)

EU-notification within Europe


You are on a business trip within Europe? You might need an EU-notification. Get free access to EU-notification regulations.


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Currently, the dynamics of the opening hours of consulates and embassies is very high. Please contact the DVKG office for more information about the current opening hours of consulates and embassies.

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Applying for visas - even at short notice - has actually lost its horror. Thanks to your agency, I am very relaxed about inquiries of this kind!

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In accordance with international procedural rules, we organize the legalization / certification of your documents.

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