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For attending business meetings and discussions only. No remunerative activities may be conducted.

Visa Application

Requirements for the visa application:

  • A digital visa number is generated by completing an online visa application. The DVKG is assisting in the creation of the online visa application by transferring your visa-relevant information into the online version. Please select the document service in the DVKG visa application process.
  • The signature must be the same as in the passport of the traveler
  • Corrections are not admitted, it must be signed submitted a new application
  • specification for location information to Taiwan, always `Taiwan China 'or` Taipei China'
  • If the nationality of the closest family members instead of 'Taiwan' always 'China' specify
  • Detailled Information of all traveled countries in the last 12 months - excluding China, Hong Kong and Taiwan:
    • City, Country
    • Duration of stay incl. arrival and departure date
    • Purpose of travel
    • Important: Travel to Turkey and Morocco must be specified in detail
  • When applying for a visa for multiple entries:
    • Submit all issued in the past two years Multi- Visa
    • A legible copy / scan the user's account may be filed
  • Submission of an original
  • Not to be printed double-sided
  • Print visa application in COLOR and SINGLE-SIDED
  • Please send us your visa application is not stapled or folded to


Requirements for the passport of the traveler:

  • Passport of the traveler in the original
  • Validity of the passport at a three-month stay, when applying six months
  • Validity of the passport at a 6-12 month stay, upon application at least six months beyond the visa applied for longer periods
  • Two free, opposing pass pages in the passport
  • Submission of the original passport that is used for the visa application

Regulation for travelers with a passport issued after 01.01.2015:

  • Original passport in the original
  • If the old passport is not available, a written statement must be given with a justification.
  • Details of all tour countries after January 1, 2015 with an additional document.

Regulation for travelers with a provisional passport:

  • Old origional passport or
  • Annihilation certificate of the registration office as legible copy or scan in the order - or
  • Loss report of the police as a readable copy or scan in the order


Filing of the passport photo:

  • Upload your photo in your profile
  • If you choose the digital passpost photo service we print an appropriate number of passport photos
  • Note for the independent creation of a passport photo



  • Send us along with your documents a color passport photo to
  • Passport photo requirements here

Letter of Invitation

Requirements for the official letter of invitation from competent authorities or authorized institutions:

  • Specifies the number of entries
  • Indication of the length of stay
  • Age of the invitation letter max. two months
  • Explanation of the duties of the occupation by the Chinese traveler or German companies, in English or Chinese
  • Detailed specification of the business relationship between the companies invited to the passenger and the host company / institution
  • The invitation letter is V. A. imperative for an annual visa
  • Submission of the letter of invitation
  • A readable copy or as a scan in the DVKG order
  • Provided with the date of issue


The invitation is addressed to the following address:

# {Consulate.address_line}




Requirements for the invitation from the Chinese company:

  • Posted on business paper
  • included giving the name, sex, date of birth and passport number of the invited person
  • Specified purpose of the journey, the Besuchsort and the arrival and departure date
  • Detailed information on the choice of activity of the applicant
  • The general stamp (no stamp department) readable incl. Name, telephone number and address of inviting company / institution

Use * Specifies the number of entries requested, multiple entry the term "multiple entry"

  • Detailed information on the business relationship between the invitees and the host company / institution
  • Statement under the signature, name of signatory in block letters
  • Age of the invitation letter max. two months


The invitation is addressed to the following address:

# {Consulate.address_line}

Business Introduction Letter

Requirements for the employee transfer letter:

  • Filing only together with a corporate invitation or official invitation
  • Indicate the name, first name, date of birth and passport number of travelers
  • Specifying the address and phone number of the business partner in China
  • Detailed information on the relationship with the inviting company in China (among others supplier, customer, subsidiary, joint venture, etc.)
  • Detailed specification of travel ground
  • Indication of the dates for the first entry
  • A legible copy may be submitted


The transfer letter is addressed to the following address:

Generalkonsulat der Volksrepublik China, Märkisches Ufer 54, 10179 Berlin

Multiple Entry Applicants

Requirements for applying for a visa for multiple entry valid for six or twelve months:

  • Present an official invitation letter from the inviting company
  • In addition to the official letter of invitation, the following must be submitted:
    • For a visa for multiple entry six months validity:
      • A copy of the business visa, which was issued by a Chinese Embassy in Germany in the past two years.
    • For a visa for multiple entry with twelve months validity:
      • A copy of the business visa for multiple or double entry, issued by a Chinese Embassy in Germany in the past two years.

Applicants born in Hong Kong (SAR) or China

  • The registration of the name in the application form in Chinese characters is prescribed.
  • Travelers with former Chinese citizenship must do one of the following documents when applying:
    • An already-used visa for China with passport stamped
    • A legible copy of the image side of the former Chinese passport or a legible copy of the Chinese birth certificate
    • A letter of confirmation of the competent authority in copy on the retention of the old Chinese passport

Visiting Special Administrative Regions

Request to a China trip with a stay in one of the special administrative regions of Hong Kong e.g .: - planned (Itinerary Example: Germany - Mainland China - Hong Kong - Mainland China - Germany):

  • China visa with multiple entry 2

Minors under 18 Years of Age

  • Presentation of a legible copy of the birth certificate of minor children.

Applicants under 18 years accompanied by a parent:

  • Written consent of the other parent in the original
  • Presentation of well-readable passport copies of passport pages containing the personal data of the other parent

Submission of Application Documents

Notes on the time of submission of the documents:

  • Applications may be submitted no earlier than 50 days prior to the scheduled arrival time.

Notes for an application

When submitting your documents, please take into account the consulate district binding, i. Please issue the visa application depending on the state in which your first residence is for the corresponding Chinese consulate:

Chinese Consulate German states
Chinese Consulatet in Berlin Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Thüringen
Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz und Saarland
Chinese Consulate in Hamburg                      Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein
Chinese Consulate in Munich Bayern

Medical hint

Prevention is better than cure. This also applies to traveling in the world. Preventive measures depend on the destination, the season in the destination, the duration of the trip and the style of the trip, as well as individual needs and special activities during the trip.

The German Visa and Consular Society can not carry out individual travel medical consultations. Please contact for:

Tropical Institute

Travel-medical experienced practicing physicians. Your family doctor can usually help with the mediation.

Prevention measures for short trips
The danger of short trips is often the lack of preparedness and preparation. While vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis may seem annoying, even a short trip to a high-risk area can be life-threatening. Do not renounce prevention measures.

Hygiene rules when traveling
Travel hygiene includes various topics:

  • Food and especially drinking water hygiene
  • accommodation hygiene
  • sexualhygiene
  • the personal hygiene
  • the psyche.

Follow the proven motto: "peel it, cook it, boil it or leave it". Consume clean food and clean drinks. Many inconveniences can be spared for the most common travel illnesses:

  • Nausea and diarrhea,
  • fever
  • Skin problems.

Information about Consular Fees

Number of Entries Visa Validity Max Duration of Stay Embassy Processing Time Price*
Single Entry 3 Months n/a 24 h / 4 Days 95,00€ / 60,00 €
Double Entry 3 Months n/a 24 h / 4 Days 95,00€ / 60,00 €
Double Entry 6 Months n/a 24 h / 4 Days 95,00€ / 60,00 €
Multiple Entry 6 Months n/a 24 h / 4 Days 95,00€ / 60,00 €
Multiple Entry 12 Months n/a 24 h / 4 Days 95,00€ / 60,00 €

Visa documents are always handed in to the Chinese Konsular Provider. Consular Provider fees apply:

  • Processing Time 4 days: 55,00 € net* / 65,45 € gross*
  • Processing Time 24 h:  85,00 € net* / 101,15 € gross*

Take advantage of the dynamic filling-in help and let DVKG transfer your visa-relevant information to the China online visa application for only 29.90 Euro plus VAT 35.58 Euro.

* The table shows the prices for German citizens are depicted. For fees for non-German citizens, we ask you to contact us. The shown prices are net fees, a VAT is not charged at Consular fees. Service charges also of possible visa application collection points are exclusive.

A1 voucher

As part of the German-Chinese Agreement on Social Security of 12.07.2001 an A1 certificate is carry along.

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