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Required documents


  • For attending business meetings and discussions only.
  • No remunerative activities my be conducted.

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Visa Application

Requirements for the visa application:

  • A digital visa number is generated by completing an online visa application. The DVKG is assisting in the creation of the online visa application by transferring your visa-relevant information into the online version. Please select the document service in the DVKG visa application process.
  • No handwritten changes
  • Must contain at Double Names hyphens
  • Giving all identical to preparations border cities of Russia to the specifications in the invitation
  • The signature of the traveler must be identical to that of the passport
  • Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to rejection. By consulate performed corrections will be charged € 15,00.


Requirements for the passport of the traveler:

  • Passport of the traveler in the original
  • Valid six months past the visa applied for longer periods
  • Two free, opposing pass pages in the passport
  • Passport must be in perfect condition. Damaged passports can be rejected.


Filing of the passport photo:

  • Upload your photo in your customer account high
  • An appropriate number of passport photos we print it out


  • Send us along with your documents a color passport photo too.
  • Passport photo requirements here

Letter of Invitation

Requirements for an official invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry or a Russian company:

  • The invitation must be issued after April 1, 2021
  • Template in the original, for singel and double entry a copy is fine
  • Posted in Russian
  • With full name of the inviting organization
  • Visible stamp the inviting organization
  • Signed by the Director-General / Leader of the organization or an authorized person
  • included specifying the name, first name and signature of the Director-General of the inviting organization
  • Indication of the field of activity of the inviting organization
  • Tax number (INN) of the inviting organization
  • Specifying the full name of the traveler in German
  • Indication of the activity and the travel purpose of the traveler in Russia
  • Specifying the objective of the trip
  • Specification of the requested visa category
  • Date of birth of the traveler
  • Indication of the gender of the traveler
  • Indication of the nationality of the passenger
  • Specifying the passport number of travelers
  • Specified purpose of the journey
  • Giving the exact travel period and all cities are the tours (identical to the information in the application visa)
  • Providing a guarantee bond to acquire all travel expenses by the inviting organization
  • Specifies the number of entries


We are happy to organize a business invitation to help. Please select at applying for a visa from the option referral service. Please note: 

  • A flash or express visa is only possible with a telex number or an official invitation from the ministry
  • The organization of a company invitation usually requires 11 consular workdays

Business Introduction Letter

Requirements for an employee transfer letter:

  • Issued on business paper
  • Indication of the position of the employee
  • Specifying the monthly salary of the traveler, alternative complement a recent salary slip
  • Confirmation of posting to traveling to Russia

The invitation is addressed to the following address:

Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Behr Straße 66, 10117 Berlin

International Travel Health Insurance

Requirements for Proof of health insurance:

  • Proof of current typewritten insurance policy or a current typewritten certificate of insurance
  • Proof of validity for the entire travel period or the entire visa period to be covered with multiple entry must be at least. The first period
  • Enter the full name of the traveler
  • The contact data from the insurance undertaking
  • Indicates the number of the insurance policy
  • Confirmation of the guarantee of repatriation in case of death
  • Confirmation of minimum guarantee level of € 30,000.00
  • Confirmation of the valid for the Russian Federation insurance
  • Signed by the insurance companies
  • Evidence may not be older than three months


Please contact. Your insurance company for sending a Certificate of Insurance for a Russian visa A list of accepted insurance companies can be found here.

Copy of Previous Visa

  • Proof of last issued visa for Russia with possible entry and exit stamps in the form of a legible copy
  • If the visa issued last is located in another pass insert a legible copy of passport data page of the passport of the traveler in

Multiple Entry Applicants

Notice of application for double entry:

  • Total stay up to 90 days

Notice of application for multiple entry:

  • Submission of the invitation in the original
  • Entitled to a total maximum stay of 90 days per half year
  • Applying for a company invitation only if in the last 12 months was already a business or occupied technician visa. A legible copy of this visa, including entry and exit stamps shall be submitted. A legible copy of passport data page of the traveler is required if the visa is in an old passport.

Former Citizens of Russia or Soviet Union

Requirements former Russian or Soviet citizens:

  • Presentation of a legible copy / scan upload in your order of the certificate of expatriation in Russian


  • Passport of the USSR with which was emigrated
  • Presentation of a legible copy / scan upload in your order of the documents confirming the receipt of German citizenship
  • Presentation of a legible copy / scan upload in your order of the registration card

Visiting Specific Regions

If one of the below areas are to be visited, the following is additionally required:

An additional copy of the visa application

An additional copy of the letter of invitation

Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia-Alania, Ingushetia, Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Krasdonar region, Stavropol region, Rostov region

Holders of a Valid Visa

Note for applicants with a currently valid visa:

  • The traveler must not be in possession of a currently valid Russia visa when applying for a visa
  • When applying for a new visa a currently valid Russia visa is canceled. Also a currently valid visa Russia in other passports of travelers are affected by the cancellation.
  • Travelers who possess a currently valid Russia visa in an expired passport and want to apply for a new Russia visa must submit the expired passport in original with the application. The currently valid Russia visa in expired passport is first canceled before a new Russian visa is issued in the current pass.

Minors under 18 Years of Age

Requirements for applying for a visa for children and adolescents:

  • Presentation of a legible copy of their birth certificate
  • Presentation of a proof of income the last three months of a parent
  • Presentation of a student certificate for students over 12 years

Visa Conditions

  • Visa regulations may vary depending on the nationality of the traveler.
  • If you are not of German nationality, please contact the Visa Advisor.


Submission of Application Documents

Notes on the time of submission of the documents:

  • Applications may be submitted no earlier than three months before the planned arrival date.

Handling time

Notes on different processing times:

  • Business visa with telex or Ministry invitation:
    • Standard applying six Konsulararbeitstage
    • Express machining three Konsulararbeitstage
    • Sameday a Konsulararbeitstag
      • All complete documents have to arrive by 8:30 pm at the remitting branch.
      • One day processing is only possible for German and EU applicants, if a flight confirmation will be attached, stating that the departure takes place within the next 58 hours. 

Medical hint

Follow the proven motto: "peel it, cook it, boil it or leave it". Consume clean food and clean drinks.

You can find more medical advice and important links here.



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