New information category: medical information
09/11/2018 12:05


in the country information we have newly added the category "medical information". We inform you in detail on the topics:

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Iran: approval instead of a visa sticker
30/10/2018 12:05


Iranian Consulate informs:
Travelers with a single entry visa will not receive a visa sticker into the passport. The consulate awards a stamped permit. This permit must always be carried at arrival and departure and for the duration of the stay. The entry and exit stamp is applied to the permit. At the time of arrival and departure and for the duration of the stay, the passport must always be carried.
We would like to recommend keeping the permit after the trip, for any future travel.

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A1 certificate: exceptional rule planned from 2019
25/10/2018 00:00

As of 1 January 2019, the application and certification procedure for employers should become mandatory. Due to the challenges in the implementation of the procedure, the social insurance umbrella organizations created a compromise solution in the discussion on the joint notification procedure on 28 June 2018. According to this, paper applications can continue to be submitted until 30 June 2019 in a justified individual case.

India: Consular Provider increases the fees for Berlin and Munich
10/09/2018 16:05

The consular provider for Berlin and Munich, IVS Europe GmbH, increases the fees from 30.99 Euro / gross to 32.49 Euro / gross.

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Russia Berlin business visa: strict examination of the proof of liquidity
06/09/2018 12:00

The Russian Consulate in Berlin announced:

It is no longer sufficient to submit a letter of posting with the salary statement from the company. From now on, in addition to the posting letter, a proof of Liquidity in the form of one of the following alternatives must be submitted:

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