Indonesia: 60-day business visa
03/11/2023 08:00

As of now, a business visa - Business Visa B211B - can be applied for at the Indonesian Consulate General via the DVKG.

This visa allows a 60-day stay in Indonesia and can be extended twice for another 60 days each time. The corresponding application can be started easily in the DVKG portal.

Your DVKG Team

China: Processing times - apply for a visa early
09/10/2023 14:00

Due to the high volume of applications for China, we recommend applying for visas early. Especially for applications in Frankfurt and Munich, please plan for longer processing times due to the limited number of appointments.


Your DVKG Team

China: Opening hours of the consular providers
12/09/2023 10:00

We would like to inform you about changed opening hours at the consular providers in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich:

From 29.09.2023 to 03.10.2023 these offices will not be open.

Your DVKG Team

China - Exemption from fingerprinting
09/08/2023 18:00

The Chinese Embassy has announced that from August 9, 2023 to December 31, 2023 inclusive, fingerprint collection for single and double-entry visas will be waived for the following categories:

  1. Category M (business and assembly visas)
  2. Category Q2 (Family visit)
  3. Category L (tourism visa)
  4. Category G (transit visa)
  5. Category C (crew visa)

UK - Introduction of Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)
22/03/2023 09:00

The UK is introducing an electronic travel authorization. This will become mandatory as of November 2023. There is to be an exemption for EU citizens up to and including February 2024. DVKG will provide a simple application process timely in advance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DVKG consular consultants.