USA: Entry bans for travelers to China
31/01/2020 18:05


the United States has banned foreign travelers to China because of the corona virus. Persons without an American passport who have been in China for the past 14 days will no longer be admitted to the country from Sunday afternoon (02.02.2020). Health Minister Alex Azar said in Washington on Friday.

Source FAZ January 31, 2020

Brexit: Entry and immigration to Great Britain
30/01/2020 12:05

What is changing for EU citizens who want to travel or immigrate to the UK?

Nothing will change for tourists, business travelers or immigrants for the time being. During the transition period, until the end of 2020, EU citizens can continue to immigrate and start work. It is recommended to enter with a passport. The kingdom's more than 3 million EU citizens, including around 300,000 Germans, retain all previous rights. After that, the UK will end free movement of workers. It is not yet clear what exactly the future control and management of immigration will look like.

Tourists and business travelers who want to stay up to 90 days do not need a visa. EU workers will need to apply for visas and work permits. EU citizens already living in the Kingdom have until mid-2021 to apply for a permanent residence permit. For the "Settled Status" they have to prove five years of stay on the island without major interruptions. Those who have not yet lived in Britain for so long can obtain the "pre-settled status", which grants a provisional right of residence and employment and can be extended after five years. The government recently clarified that those who missed the application deadline for settled status by June 30, 2021 will not be automatically identified.

Source: FAZ 30/01/2020 and UK Embassy 30/01/2020

EU-Posting Netherland - mandatory as of March 1st 2020
12/01/2020 12:05


as of March 1st 2020 an EU-Posting for the Netherland is mandatory and will be done through an electronic application process.

Your DVKG Team

India: work visas without employment contract in the destination country
12/12/2019 12:05

The Indian consulate announced:

For work visas without employment contract in the destination country, the following information is required in the posting letter and letter of invitation:

Please consider this with your next visa application.

Your DVKG team

China: Handover of fingerprint as of 16 Dec. 2019
19/11/2019 10:05

The Chinese consular provider annouced: 
As of 16 Dec. 2019, each applicant must give a fingerprint upon submission of visa documents. The fingerprint is valid for 5 years with the passport presented at the time of submission. If the passport expires within 5 years, a new fingerprint must be issued with the new passport.
Exempted from this rule are:

  1. Persons under 14 years or over 70 years
  2. Owners of diplomatic passports or persons exempted from collecting fingerprints under bilateral agreements
  3. Persons applying for a Chinese visa with the same passport and whose fingerprints have already been registered within the last 5 years may be exempted from the survey. However, the issued biometric visa must be presented in the same passport
  4. People who have finger limitations or people who can not capture fingerprints from all 10 fingers for other reasons

Please note that all applicants must come to the Visa Application Service Center personally to obtain fingerprints. The falsification of fingerprints or fraud involving third-party fingerprints leads to denial of entry into China. Any resulting consequences shall be borne by the applicant himself.
More information will be available in the coming days.
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Your DVKG team