China: Option der Buchung von weiteren Charter Flügen nach China

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nachfolgend erhalten Sie die Information der Außenhandelskammer in China über die Durchführung von Charter Flügen nach Qingdao, China.

Bitte lesen Sie aufmerksam die Information und setzen Sie sich bei Interesse direkt mit der AHK in China in Verbindung.

Gerne stehen wir Ihnen bei Fragen und der Visum Beantragung zur Verfügung.

Ihr DVKG Team


Dear member companies and companies with interest in further charter flights,


After the successful completion of several charter flights from Frankfurt to China in May, June and July and in order to meet the overwhelming demand, the German Chamber of Commerce in China (AHK) is planning more designated charter flights in August to help German companies in China to return urgently required personnel. 


Four more possible charter flights could leave Frankfurt to Qingdao starting from August 4th, 2020 (weekly cycle of flights). No further return flights to Germany planned.


Seats on flights will be allocated on double “first-come-first-serve” basis: 1) registration will be closed after applicants pool for 1.000 passenger seats has been indicated by companies 2) allocation of seat distribution will finally depend on successful receival of passenger’s entry visa as well as paid flight ticket – see more details below (i.e. no fixed date booking possible)


Possible passengers on these flights to China would have to accept and fulfill the following conditions

  • Possible travel dates: August 4th or August 11th or August 19th or August 26th(tbc), 2020 (see first-come-first-serve rule above and below, no fixed date booking possible)
  • Route: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) to Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) only – transport to target destination from Qingdao after quarantine needs to be arranged individually by companies 
  • Mandatory centralized COVID-19 test:  All passengers need to take part in the centralized COVID-19 testing arranged by AHK on the day of departure at the airport in Frankfurt. Individually testing is not possible!
  • Mandatory 14 days quarantine after arrival in China: In general, a mandatory 14 days quarantine for all passengers will apply. Chinese authorities will select a quarantine hotel in Qingdao. Passengers cannot leave the hotel room during those 14 days and need to accept local conditions regarding food supply and cleanliness. AHK has no authority to choose the quarantine hotel. Please check with your local authorities (at the registration place of company and/or residence compound) if exceptions will be possible. 
  • Mandatory COVID-19 & anti-body test after arrival in China:  during quarantine in Qingdao at least one mandatory COVID-19 & one anti-body test will be required by every passenger, more testing is possible.

Further pre-conditions for such possible charter flights are: 

  • Approval of passenger list by Chinese authorities
  • Issuing of new entry visa for passengers on an approved passenger list by Chinese embassy and Consulates General in Germany, information regarding detailed procedures and documents needed will be provided after the overall application process has been closed

In order to allow a first smooth approval of a passenger list, the following passenger criteria on the flights to China apply:

  • According to current travel regulations, foreign nationals for necessary economic, trade, scientific or technological activities or out of emergency humanitarian needs may apply for visas at Chinese embassies or consulates
  • Only persons willing to travel back to China within the next 2-4 weeks should be nominated for a tentative passenger charter flight list and who are flexible in their travelling dates
  • Employees of German companies in China with valid residence permit 
  • In exceptional cases: urgently needed specialists on project basis
  • In exceptional cases: families of employees of German companies with valid residence permit in case of special social hardship 

Please note the following organizational aspects for possible charter flights: 

  • Overall coordination: German Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Contract & Payment: Contract only possible between companies (no contracts/tickets with individuals) and a specialized broker company in Germany. The contract can only be concluded between the broker and a company registered in Europe. Payment is only possible in Germany to a German bank account of the broker.
  • Available seats: for epidemiological reasons around 200 seats on each possible charter flight.
  • Seat distribution: according to a specific first come first serve basis, after pre-conditions have been achieved. Pre-conditions are as follows: 
    1. Correct and complete filled out company and passenger application form followed by application receipt by AHK
    2. Deposit of 2.200 EUR paid to broker company in Germany (in case the visa application is not successful, 95% of the deposit will be refunded)
    3. PU-invitation letter received, and visa successfully issued (companies are solely responsible for this step)
    4. When the above pre-conditions (step 1 - 3) are achieved and updated and confirmed in the online tool, the seat distribution will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. 


  1. Please see the FAQs on our website for more details. 
  2. Flight ticket price to China: Costs for the charter flight will be allocated and distributed to companies on seat basis, economy-class ticket price is 2.200 EUR, different booking classes will be available. 
  3. Other costs (flights to China):  costs for described testing in both Germany and China, quarantine hotel accommodation, transportation to the airport in Germany and to target location in China needs to be arranged and paid individually by companies.

Safety on Charter Flights

  • PCR Triple Test Procedure: The comprehensive triple security test procedure (one test prior to departure, two tests after arrival) established by the Chinese authorities and followed by us proves to be important, as a one-time test cannot provide 100 % security. 
  • Air Flow and Filters in the Aircraft: The aircrafts are equipped with filters that clean the cabin air. With specified processes the air will be filtered and cleaned throughout the flight. Therefore, the risk of contracting the virus during a flight is extremely low.
  • For detailed information regarding safety on charter flights, please refer to our FAQ page.


Application Requirements

Before filling out the online form, please strictly conform with the following

Please note that there is only one contact person for each company for the complete process in China (e.g. HR department) and one contact person for each company in Germany. These two (not more) will be the main person of contact for the German Chamber and must agree the following and act accordingly: 

  • The designated person will fill in the online application for ALL employees of the company and family members who would like to apply for the seats on the charter flight. Please note, that individual applications from private persons are not accepted.
  • The designated contact person will receive all updates from the German Chamber regarding important processes and information of the flight and communicating these internally with ALL potential passengers of the company in a timely manner.
  • The designated contact person must be available during the whole process from application till the end of quarantine and further transport to the final destination in China. 
  • The designated contact person will state questions from the passengers to the German Chamber as the only contact person. 

The contact person in the headquarter in Germany additionally need to agree to the following and act accordingly:

  • This designated contact person in Germany will be the only contact person for the broker in regard to contract and payment of the flight tickets for all passengers of the company.
  • This second designated contact person is in close contact with the other contact person in China, answering questions regarding flight class, luggage, and frequent flyer programs to all passengers of the company in a timely manner. 

Please understand, that the German Chamber does not have the capacity to answer countless individual inquiries in order to ensure a smooth process and answer questions quickly. 


Application Process:


Step 1: Company Application (only necessary for new companies) 

Please note: If your company is already registered in our system from the charter flights in July, the respective contact person of your company has already received the link to directly proceed with the passenger application. Passengers that haven’t been allocated to July flights and which application hasn’t been canceled, still remain in the system and will be allocated to flights in August if their status is updated to “Visa received” and “Flight ticket full paid”.


In case you would like to nominate new passengers under the above-mentioned conditions and criteria for further possible charter flights from Germany to China, please fill in and submit the application form for your company until Monday, July 27, 4 pm, (Chinese Time):


Link Company Application for Charter Flights:


The following information is needed for your company application – please prepare in advance before you start to fill in the application form: 

  • Company information (contact details China and Germany, person of contact, detailed address)
  • Please strongly align the above-mentioned criteria regarding contact person
  • If your company is part of a group of entities in China, please align with your headquarters. 

We will review your company application as soon as possible and you will be contacted within 24h regarding the further procedure to nominate passengers for the possible charter flights. 


Step 2: Passenger Application for Charter Flights

After you company application has been received you will receive an email with the application link to add passengers for your company. Please submit the application form for all new passengers from your company until Monday, July 27, 6 pm, (Chinese Time).


Please note: Requirements for filling out the passenger application: 

  • Only complete applications will be considered.  
  • The following information is needed for all potential passenger of one company – please prepare in advance before you start to fill in the application form: 
    • Passenger information (contact details, personal data, current whereabouts, detailed address, current visa/ residence permit information, domicile in China, detailed address)
  • The data will be used to be sent to German and Chinese authorities, airline, travel agent, testing laboratory, public health department, quarantine hotel, etc., therefore they need to be fully correct, later adjustments might lead to refusal at some stage of the process. 

After submitting the passenger application form, the contact person of the company will receive an email with the passenger data and will be contacted regarding the further procedure after the overall application process has been closed.


Please note/Disclaimer: 

  • As the situation is uncertain, there is no guarantee further charter flights can take place as described. 
  • An application does not guarantee a slot on the passenger list, due to limited seating capacity and to a series of necessary approvals and conditions as mentioned above.
  • Although all information has been generated or selected and revised with the utmost care, no liability will be assumed for the completeness and the accuracy of the contents. 
  • The travel requirements in China are changing quickly and are made by the community-based level authorities according to the location’s level of COVID-19 emergency response and risk level etc. If you travel from specific areas the requirements of the local authorities from Qingdao may require a further COVID-19 test or quarantine. For the detailed regulation about the quarantine, please check with the local authorities for updates, as they are subject to regular change due to the developments of the outbreak. 
  • Please note, this email does not make any express or implied warranty by us as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness in relation to quarantine measures.


For any question, please first read the FAQ on our website in all detail and forward the link to potential passengers:


If there are further urgent questions which are not answered in this mailing or the FAQ website, please contact the China wide central charter team. This number is just for company representatives (definition see above), not for individual passengers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation: 


Phone: +86-10 6539 6777

Service Times: Mo – Fri: 09:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 18:00 (China Standard Time)


Although all information is generated or selected and revised with utmost care, no liability will be assumed for the completeness and the accuracy of the contents. 



Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards,


German Chamber of Commerce in China


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